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Welcome to our website, we are the leading Optical place here in Phuket, Thailand. We have been servicing clients from all parts of the globe mostly European market. Our team consists of highly professional Doctors of Optometry, licensed and trained in the Philippines and dealing with individuals who have visual needs. Our shops are European manage with precise perfection to meet the European market and have a wide knowledge of their needs. All add up together, we have this as our aim:


Our services:

  • We are specialists in progressive lenses.
  • We do prescription glasses, sunglasses and contact lenses
  • We have Free Eye Examination with licensed Doctors of Optometry
  • We have top of the line visual apparatus
  • We have wide selection of frames and sunglasses with European quality and design
  • We are much cheaper compare to Europe!

What is Optometry?

  • Doctor of Optometry is independent primary eye care providers, who examines and check the visual condition, their visual acuity, prescribe lenses and contact lenses and detects eye diseases and recommend cases to an Ophthalmologist for thorough examination.
  • They study and are accredited from schools and licensed individuals who are known as an Optometrist or OD (Doctor of Optometry). Optometrists are different from Ophthalmologist who is eye surgeons and performs operations, giving medications and ophthalmic drugs.
  • They also dispensed glasses, contact lenses and provide visual aids and low vision care.

What is Presbyopia?

  • Presbyopia is a visual condition in which patients are having difficulties in reading small prints and in some cases in far distances as well.  It is a physiological condition which affects individuals over 40 years old.


  • Progressive lenses, it is a type of lens that are used to meet the patients who have vision problem and aid to see far, intermediate and near.  It is from the same family of Bifocal lenses, “Bi” in Latin meaning two.  Instead of the visibility of the line or the round reading segment on the lens, a progressive lens doesn’t have any lines and segments.
  • It is sometimes called “Multifocal”, “Graduated”, “Varilux” and “Bifocal”

What is Myopia?

  • Myopia is a visual condition in which patients have difficulty reading in far distances.  It is where the ray of light focus in front of the retina.
  • It is also called short sighted or near sighted.


  • Concave or minus lenses.
  • Contact lenses

What is Hyperopia?

  • Hyperopia is a visual condition in which patients have difficulty in seeing at near or in some cases in far as well.  It is where the ray of light focus at the back of the retina.
  • It is also called far sighted or long sighted.


  • Convex or plus lenses
  • Contact lenses

What is Astigmatism?

  • Astigmatism means that the cornea (the thin film covering the eye) is oval like a football instead of spherical like a basketball.  These results to the lights to focus on different meridians or parts of the eye that result to blurred vision in far and near distances.


  • Cylinder lenses
  • Contact lenses


4 You Optic Your Progressive Lenses Specialist
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