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Progressive lenses

Progressive lenses that are sometimes called “varifocal”, “bifocal”, “multifocal”, “graduated” and “no line bifocal” are the best thing that happens to the technology of Presbyopes (individuals who need distance and reading correction). Now they can no longer worry about the visible line that cuts the distance correction from the reading correction.

Progressive lenses are divided to three parts: distance (which is the upper part of the lens), intermediate (the middle part, mostly use for computer) and reading (the lowest portion of the lens). The power are graduated from the top to bottom part of the lens therefore giving a vertically curve area which enable the wearer to see clearly in all distances. The sides of the lenses give a bit of a hazy part which is eliminated once the lenses are cut and fitted to the frame.

Not all frames are suitable for Progressive lenses, there are some certain rules in order to have a perfect Progressive, and your eye care practitioner will help you with this. So, therefore a bigger frame would be the best for fitting Progressive lenses. If not, the reading portion would be cut once the lenses are made.

There are new Progressive lenses in the market that can be fitted in small frames (ask your Optometrist about this). It’s the same concept just that it is made especially for smaller frames.

Once your Optometrist measures the necessary fitting for your eyes and lenses, it’s a wonder what Progressive lenses could make to your everyday life.

How Progressive lenses are fitted?
Progressive lenses are fitted by first getting your prescription and then choosing the suitable frame for you. Frames are measured to a certain level towards the eye in order to see clearly for reading. Pupils are measured so that the centering of the lenses is in the middle of your eyes. A certain height is also measured to get the reading segment of the Progressive.

How does Progressive lenses work?
In order for progressive lenses to work successfully, time and coordination would be needed.  Strong plus wearers are sometimes having difficulty with shifting from distance or reading correction to progressive lenses.  The key factor for wearing progressive lenses matters from minutes to a few days, a proper fitting and explanation from your eye care practitioner helps you understand the wonder of this.

To see clearly in all distances with the progressive, an eye and head coordination is a must. The upper portion of the lens is for distance, the middle part is for computer. Therefore you just have to tilt your chin a bit higher and focus on the middle portion of the lens. Reading is on the lowest portion of the lens, so look on the lowest part where your chin is slightly tilted up as well and you will see clearly.

When you are going down the stairs with the progressive, you have to position your head a bit down and focus on the upper portion of the lens. If not, a slightly curve appearance is notice for you are looking on the lowest portion which are only for reading. These are mostly experienced with strong plus wearers.

There are so many kinds of progressive lenses in the market, only your eye care practitioner knows what is best for you!

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4 You Optic Your Progressive Lenses Specialist
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